U10d1-60 – scientific merit | Operations Management homework help

multimedia piece. This will refresh your knowledge on

scientific merit to help you address this unit’s assignment and discussion.

Scientific Merit Presentation

 Transcript

[u10d1] Unit 10 Discussion 1 



Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

Scientific Merit Presentation | Transcript.

Before posting your answer, you may wish to review the Scientific Merit Presentation multimedia piece

from this unit’s studies. You will also find it linked in Resources.

For your final post in this course, reflect on the concept of scientific merit. With regard to the three

dimensions of scientific merit (advances the knowledge base; contributes to theory; and meets hallmarks of

good research), describe the aspects of the study you chose for the Scientific Merit Paper course project

that exemplify each of the three components of scientific merit.

Choose an area of scientific merit that could be improved in your study and explain how it could be


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