Spanish / the wonderful world of food

I. Read the following list of things that happened when you went to a restaurant with a friend. Compose 10 sentence in Spanish describing those occurrences in the past tense. Note the hints in parentheses. 

Any time the prompt says “you,” reply in the first person. For example: “You are hungry” would be “Tengo hambre.” 

1. You ordered a salad with eggs and toasted bread. (Use the verb pedir.) 

2. Your friend Toni ordered a burger with fries. (Use the verb pedir.) 

3. Both of you ordered a soda to drink. (Use the verb pedir.) 

4. The server served you the food. (Use the verb servir.) 

5. You didn’t like the server because she was rude. 

6. She didn’t bring napkins or forks. 

7. You asked for the check. (Use the verb pedir.) 

8. Toni paid the bill. (Use the verb pagar.) 

9. Neither of you had fun. (Use the verb divertirse.) 

10. You did not leave a good tip. 

II. Use the words below to fill in the blanks in the following paragraph, which describes Sonia’s weekend at her grandparents’ house. Each word only needs to be used once. 

cerdos montar jamones encanta gustan las gallinas caballos granja desayuno fritos 

Me ______ visitar a mis abuelos en su granja. Me ______  mucho los animales, sobre todo los ______ . Me gusta mucho ______  a caballo por la pradera. También es divertido observar las aves domésticas. Todas las mañanas, recojo los huevos de ______, y mi abuela los hace       ______ para el ______ . En la ______ también hay pavos y gansos. Y mi abuelo tiene cinco ______ con los que hará (will make) ______ .

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