Research : intensive language and communication assessment and


Research – Intensive Language and Communication Assessment and Instruction.

Source of reference: Chapter 14, pages 220-235, course textbook and one scholarly article related to the topic.

Instructions The learners are expected to work on a twelve-page research project based on the concepts specified above.

Such a project will adhere to the rules and regulations for research papers from the APA6th Manual.

Rubric :

1.Cover page, 

2. Abstract, 

3. Table of content,

4. 8 pages of accurate content information,

5. References: Textbook and one scholarly article on the topic (2015-2018),

 Textbook: Teaching Students with Language and Communication Disabilities, S.J. Kuder, 5th Edition.2018.Pearson 

 *** Strictly from the textbook (include quotes), this teacher is very demanding, follow the instructions based solely on the content provided in the chapter and the article, use exact words and page content and use the specific pages in the instructions, quotes according to the book, the questions that you need respond are inside of the table that contain each case **** Please, use only the content of the case with answers exactly with the same words in the book. If you have any questions, contact me, thank you. 

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