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We have 20 hours on this.

A major aspect of project quality management is quality planning. The aim of quality planning is to help the project manager and the project team to identify stakeholders’ requirements and to ensure that these requirements are integrated into the project processes to deliver a quality product, service, or result. For this group assignment, you will develop a quality management plan for the case you selected in week 1. You can obtain a copy of the project case for less than $10.00 from the Harvard Business School Publishing Website at https://hbsp.harvard.edu/. Each case has a unique product number. Note that you do not need to know all the technical details about the project. But you need to understand the concept of quality, and the processes involved in managing it. Most importantly, you must understand how to match customer requirements with product/service features and functions. We will complete the plan incrementally, but at the end of the course, you will have a complete project quality management plan. Below is what you need to do for the first part of the plan.

Connection to Course Learning Outcomes

  • Apply quality concepts, tools and techniques to project management
  • Evaluate the importance of the customer’s role in project quality management
  • Develop a toolset to use in future projects, including quality tools and templates for project quality management
  • Identify and plan for the roles and responsibilities needed to plan and execute the project quality plan
  • Develop a realistic project quality management plan (PQMP), which includes all processes of project quality management, including quality planning, quality management, and quality control


In a Word document, start a project quality management plan template, which includes the following sections:

1. Index and revision status (document version history)
2. Table of contents
3. Introduction (e.g., purpose of the quality management plan)
4. Parent or sponsor organization background
5. Parent organization quality policy – Statement of commitment to quality
6. Create a house of quality (HOQ) matrix for your project. You will need a minimum of 5 key customer requirements and identify the product/service features that will meet those requirements. You may not have enough time to complete a real competitive assessment. You may invent two competitors (Company A and Company B) and their market positions. 

If you believe that the case study does not provide you with enough information about the parent organization, it is okay to stretch your imagination. Your template should include a title page with your group number and the names of the group members.

Save your file with your group number and the title of the document as shown in the following example: Group1_qualitymanagementplanpart1. There are no page limits for this assignment.

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