Organizational behavior case study | Management homework help

after you read the case, you need to answer those question first, then write two-page paper (minimum) case study summary and analysis. (related to the topic Personality, Ability,and fit ).

How does a new manager adapt to a new organization?

§ How did Turner get himself into this predicament? What is going on for Cardullo?

§ What did Pat Cardullo and Jamie Turner each initially bring to the situation at MLI that would seem to ensure success? Failure?

§ What were the key choice points where either of them could have done things differently?

§ How, if at all, should Turner approach Cardullo at the end of the case?

§ What is Turner’s biggest issue and how should he address it? What would you do in his position?

§ What lessons can we learn from this case?

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