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This is a relatively short assignment and you should be able to answer all the questions in about 250 words although longer answers are fully acceptable.

In Discussion Forum 7, post your response to the following discussion topics. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar.

Introduction to the Activity

Choosing interventions must start with identifying what needs to be done. It is important that we really think through the different smaller changes that need to be made to achieve the larger change outcome. Brainstorming to create a list of things that need to be done is useful. However, streamlining this process and making it more focused is useful to the end result. Use of an Awakishi (also known as the fishbone) diagram to brainstorm what needs to be done.

Consider the Following:
  • Use the change initiative that you have chosen for your final project to complete this activity. Use this to start the Awakishi diagram. You can access a free excel template for the diagram at or use this link to learn how to create one in word Please use the following video to help you create an Awakishi diagram. The tutorial uses a layout for an Ishikawa diagram. You simply need to flip where the ‘head’ of the fish is in the diagram to convert the Ishikawa to an Awakishi.
  • Once you complete the diagram, take a screenshot of the diagram and post that in your text box as a picture. This will make viewing and discussion easier for the class. Attach the document to the discussion as well.
  • Discuss how this diagram impacts your choices about stakeholder management, communications, implementation strategies, and choice of interventions.

Further Instructions on DF 7

Fishbone diagrams have been around for a while and are useful in diagnosing cause and effect (Ishikawa diagrams) or needed steps to achieve a change (Awakishi diagrams).  You will find much more online about Ishikawa than Awakishi but the format is basically the same.  The Ishikawa “fish” generally faces to the right and the Awakishi “fish” to the left.  (See a sample Awakishi diagram in your Hayes text, p. 302)  

It is perfectly acceptable to me for you to use the right-facing Ishikawa template given as a Word download in your assignment without flipping it to face left.  The important thing is that you diagram what needs to be done in general terms to achieve the change you are using for your final project.

Begin by briefly introducing us again to your organization and your role; then tell us in general terms what the change is that you are advocating.  Next, present your completed diagram (screen shot or cut and paste from Word) and answer the final question:  “Discuss how this diagram impacts your choices about stakeholder management, communications, implementation strategies and choice of interventions.

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