Mgm grand case study | Information Systems homework help

  1. How does the MGM Grand derive value from its Players Club program and its player information systems?
  2. How common or different are MGM MIRAGE group customers? Are there “Entertainment customers” that are distinct from “Gaming customers?”  How should MGM MIRAGE use its Entertainment offerings?  Is entertainment an independent service offering, or just a way to get gaming customers into the properties?   
  3. Do you think treating each property (MGM Grand, Bellagio, Treasure Island, etc.) as in independent entity is the right approach to managing the MGM MIRAGE group?  Why or why not?  (How fungible are the customers? 

Key Concepts to consider (these may help you with your case analysis):

  • What factors determine desirable customer?
  • Can MGM leverage customer information to better segment its offerings?

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