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Posted Feb 22, 2018 9:49 AM

Paper #1 – Advice for Success

Please, use: File Name: HCAD-Paper1-[Last Name]-Spring-2018

(And it would be nice if each page had your name and a page number…!)

Given how rapidly HIT has evolved over the last decade, HIT references greater than 5 years old need to have a relevant historical context or clear justification for their use. Every assertion that you make needs to have a clear source and be supported by references. EVERY factual statement Must be referenced, individually, from a credible and verifiable source…

No Abstract or Cover Page Needed…

I hope the guidance below helps…!

Dr Freeman


You are the director of strategic communication for a non-profit suburban community hospital.  The CEO has asked you to prepare a briefing paper that answers the following questions posed by the Board of Directors:

What  “meaningful use?”  How do myriad HIT systems support each other?  Or do they?

Due End of Week 4.

  1. Explain Gov’t term: “meaningful Use”;                            (15 points)     
  2. What US HIT systems have Problems and WHY?        (25 points)
  3. What Changes are needed in US HIT Systems?            (25 points)
  4. What HIT Strategy Steps are needed BY Hospital?      (25 points)       
  5. Grammar,  Referencing,  Page Restrictions                    (10 points
  6. APA 

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