Marketing and product development | Computer Science homework help


  1. Briefly describe in a word document; awareness, trial, availability, and repeat business
  2. Using the ATAR forecasting method (and template), create a forecast for the new Apple AirPower Mat.

The ATAR process consists of; projections, predictions, and planning for a new product launch.  You will; predict growth, awareness, trial, availability, and repeat for a five-year period.

In addition, determine; price, sales volume, investment to develop the product and the cost of marketing support. Optionally, there is Cannibalization if the new product will impact the sales of an already existing product along with Discount Rate.

Helpful hint; how many people own an Apple product?

APA format is applicable for both Written and Presentations.  The paper should be between 1-2 pages (not including title and references). 


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