Liberty university glst 200 quiz 7


Liberty University GLST 200 Quiz 7

•    Question 1
6 out of 6 points

    Match each part of the story to the statement that shows how God is concerned for all nations:            

•    Question 2
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: An oral learner uses linear thinking.            

•    Question 3
1 out of 1 points

    A Chronology of the last days includes            

•    Question 4
1 out of 1 points

    What questions can be used to check for understanding when telling Bible stories?            

•    Question 5
1 out of 1 points

    In the video, Monica LeClaire and James Hobson discussed a Bible story which had been interpreted differently in various cultures. What was that story?            

•    Question 6
1 out of 1 points

    What story was told in the video to introduce the concept of orality?            

•    Question 7
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: It takes a long time to fully understand a new culture to be effective in working within that culture.            

•    Question 8
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: The story ended when Jesus died and then rose again.            

•    Question 9
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: Everyone in a church should be ok worshipping with the same music and participating in the same activities. Churches shouldn’t have to adapt to various groups within their church.            

•    Question 10
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: All oral learners need to hear stories because they can’t read.            

•    Question 11
1 out of 1 points

    The key to effective cross-cultural ministry is to always be a(n)            

•    Question 12
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: Effective intercultural communication and cultural intelligence can help us to bring glory to God in our churches and in our ministries            

•    Question 13
0 out of 1 points

    True or False: When we interpret scripture, we should depend on our own cultural understanding to get the most out of the text.            

•    Question 14
1 out of 1 points

    True/ False: Because it takes so long to learn a culture enough to be effective, short term mission trips are not effective.            

•    Question 15
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: In Philippians, the apostle Paul admonishes the church to act in unity, love, and humility, and to follow the example of Jesus Christ            

•    Question 16
1 out of 1 points

    What is a Kingdom Professional?            

•    Question 17
1 out of 1 points

    Nonverbal Actions include all of the following except            

•    Question 18
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: Only some people or groups of people have bias.            

•    Question 19
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: Leaders with high CQ Action can draw on the other three capabilities of CQ to translate their enhanced motivation, understanding, and planning into action.             

•    Question 20
1 out of 1 points

    True/False: CQ Action is the extent to which we appropriately change our verbal and nonverbal actions when we interact across cultures.            

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