Interaction | Computer Science homework help

observe two types of interaction and write a three page double spaced report on your observations. The report should adhere to the specifications in the expectations (part one) of the syllabus.

In a public area (Starbucks, college campus, house of worship, park, etc.) observe people interacting in-person (face to face). Notice their body language, their tone, etc.

Next, observe yourself interacting digitally with another human (Skype, email, chat, Facetime, etc.). Notice the body language and tone of you and the person you are interacting with.

Page one of your report should describe your observations of in-person interaction. Page two should describe your digital interaction. Page three should compare and contrast the two types of interactions. What is different? What is the same? Is something lost digitally? Is something gained digitally?

This report should describe real observations. This is not a theoretical assignment. No sources or citations are required provided you do not use quotes or paraphrases. The entire paper should be a third person description of your observations. Think of this as a lab report.

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