Initial report | Management homework help

A business book, periodical, web site, podcast, or blog

A popular press periodical article, web site, podcast, or blog that specifically deals with
business (Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, etc)

A personal development book, web site, podcast, or blog

For the purpose of this assignment the material the students read (or listen to)
relate to

Good business practices

Business in action

Something that affects business (legal, political, economic, cultural, global, etc.)

Personal development and improvement in some area of the student’s life
To obtain content for this assignment, students may

Material from other classes they are taking (lectures, textbooks, assignments, etc.)

Fictional material (e.g., a novel)
it is a “business parable” (
Who Moved My
Richest Man in Babylon,
The writing assignments must be submitted through Blazeview’s Assignments in the
following way:

They must be submitted as Microsoft Word documents

They must be submitted online by the day and time listed
The assignment will be graded on the following criteria:

Was the material which the student read appropriate for this assignment?

Were the substance of reading (listening) and the implications of material to business or
personal lives both discussed?

Was the length sufficient to communicate a substantive discussion of both what was said
in the reading (listening) and implications to business or life?

Was it written in proper business form (report, memo, or email)?

Did the student correct grammatical/ spelling/punctuation issues?

Was it written in the style specifically laid out in the overview document in Blazeview?
In regards to style, specifically the following style must be adhered to by all submitted

Sentences must be as succinct as possible. Long, run on sentences will not be acceptable.
Sentences should be
no more
than approximately 120 characters in length.

Paragraphs should be focused and succinct.
A reasonable target should be
four to six
short sentences per paragraph
. Most paragraphs should fall in this range. No
paragraphs should be substantially longer than this.

Each paragraph
start with a

Each document must convincingly tell the reader in the first paragraph why the reader
should be reading it.

Each document must specifically tell the reader in the last paragraph what the student
would expect the reader to do with the information

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