Identify graphs | mbafpx5010 | Capella University


Use any of the following articles for this assessment:

Canal, E., Kauflin, J., & Adams, S. (2016). Shark Tank’s toothless dealsForbes, 198(7), 24–25.

Decarlo, S., Elam, D. G., Smyth, K., Agus, S., Austin, C., Hackett, R., …Wieczner, J. (2017). 100 Fastest-Growing companiesFortune176(4), 157–163.

Select two graphical representations of data, such as pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots and trend lines, or tables

Identify the business context, such as an online store, a brick-and-mortar business, year-end review, product kickoff, recently merged or new IPO company, or a family-owned business.

This company background information should help explain why the data is relevant.

Interpret your chosen data representation in the context of the business situation. The following are typical questions an analyst would use to interpret the data:

  • What is being measured (the variables)?
  • What are the relationships among the variables?
  • What are the trends in the data?
  • How can the data be applied in the business context?
  • Create an effective 6-slide PowerPoint presentation that could be presented at a departmental meeting.
  • An effective PowerPoint presentation for this purpose typically includes:
    • 1 title slide, APA formatted.
    • 1 introduction slide explaining the business context.
    • 1 slide for each of the two graphics in your report.
      • You may insert or paste the charts and include an appropriate citation (2 total slides for this portion of the presentation).
      • Explain the meaning of each graphical data representation.
    • 1 conclusion slide in which you explain how the data may affect the business context or how each graph may be applied in your business context to inform decision making.
    • 1 slide with APA-formatted references, including the source of each graph.
    •  include detailed presenter’s notes in the PowerPoint slides. 


  • Competency 1: Explain how data management techniques and tools are used to support business decisions.
    • Introduce the business context.
    • Explain how the data can be applied to the business context.
  • Competency 4: Present the results of data analysis in clear and meaningful ways to multiple stakeholders.
    • Interpret, or explain the meaning of, the two different graphical representations of data.
    • Correctly format citations and references using current APA style.
    • Present content clearly, professionally, and logically for the identified audience.

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