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ESSAY PROMPT: (The more prompt plz read the file “Final Project Individual Paper Guideline”)

Compare the zombie outbreak with two incidents of apocalypse in history that threatened humanity, and make an argument about why the zombie outbreak is distinctive from these historical apocalypses. [Note: the two incidents of apocalypse do not have to be related to contagion/disease]


• 2-3 typed pages, double-spaced

• 1-inch margins on all sides

• 12 point Times New Roman

• 3 citations (at minimum) based on 3 different course-assigned readings

• Citation format (Footnotes in Chicago Style)

• Works cited page (does not count as part of the 2-3 typed page requirement)

• Title

• Numbered pages


• Clarity of your introductory thesis

• Effective use of at least 3 different course-assigned readings

• Analysis of change and/or continuity in apocalypses

• The strength and organization of your ideas

• The mechanical and grammatical correctness of your writing


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