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1. Start Excel. Download, save, and open the Excel workbook named go16_xl_ch05_grader_5g_as.xlsx.

2. Display the Hilltop-Lower County-East worksheet. Select the range A1:J13, insert a table, and then apply the Table Style Light .

3. Sort the table on the Campus column using a Custom List. Use the following order: Hilltop, Lower County, and then East. Add a second level sort by Group and a third level sort by Program Name both in ascending order.

                 4. On the Schedule Comparison worksheet, select the range A2:F3 using the name Criteria. Name the range A6:F15 using the name Database, and then name the range A18:F18 using the name Extract.

5. Create an advanced filter that will place in the extract area the records from the Database range in which Spring as their primary season and Summer as their secondary season.

6. Display the Stipends by Group worksheet. Sort the data in ascending order first by Group and then by Coach Stipend.

7.Apply subtotals to the Coach Stipend Column at each change in Group. 

8.Collapse the outline so that the Level 2 summary information is displayed, and then Autofit column C:D.

9. On the Hilltop-Lower County-East worksheet, in cell J1, insert a hyperlink to the downloaded e05_Director_Information.xlsxworkbook (edit the hyperlink to remove any additional text, if necessary). Display the ScreenTip Click here for contact information

10. Select all three worksheets. Insert a footer in the left section that includes the file name, and in the right section, insert the Sheet Name. Set the Width and Height to 1 page, and Center the worksheets horizontally.

11. With all worksheets still selected, change the theme to Organic and change the font theme to Candara. Ungroup the sheets and display the Hilltop, Lower County, East sheet.

12. Change the font color for cell J1 to Teal, Accent 2, Darker 50%.

13. Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook:  Hilltop-Lower County-East, Schedule Comparison, Stipends by Group. Save the workbook. Close the workbook and then exit Excel.

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