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Download the assignment sheet in Word or PDF.

Final Module 1 documents
  1. Project completion memo
  2. Revised, edited, and redesigned document adapted to a specific audience, purpose, and context
  3. Original (unrevised) document
  4. Worksheet – Analyzing Your Writing Situation – Spring 2020.docx 
How to submit the assignment

Attach the documents, in the order listed above, as .pdf files using the following filenames: 

  1. Mod1_memo_YourlastnameFirstinitial.pdf
  2. Mod1_finalrevision_YourlastnameFirstinitial.pdf
  3. Mod1_original_YourlastnameFirstinitial.pdf
  4. Mod1_profile_YourlastnameFirstinitial.pd

Caution! Do NOT submit these documents in a zipped folder; 



Module 1: Adapting a document to a particular audience

You will work individually to adapt an existing document to a specific audience, purpose, and context. 

This module emphasizes: 

  • analyzing the audience, purpose, and context of the writing situation
  • using basic design principles to structure information for readers
  • revising documents to meet reader needs and expectations
  • editing at the sentence- and paragraph-level
  • basic-to-intermediate word processing skills

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