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 Family Interest [WLO:3] [CLOs: 3, 4]Selecting an early childhood environment for a child is an important task for families. Parents and caregivers want to know that their child is safe, nurtured, and learning. There are many resources available for families to review in order to help them decide the right placement for their child. Families may also reach out to other families whose child has been in a specific program. What do you think your families would say about your program?  It is not uncommon for families who have done their research to come to a tour of your program with a list of questions. You will want to be ready to answer any questions that come your way in order to help a family make an informed decision about their child’s placement.

To prepare for this discussion,

  • Identify the age group you will want to work with in the scenario below, and put this in the subject line.
    • Infancy: Birth – 12 months
    • Toddler: 1 – 3 years
    • Early childhood: 4 years – 8 years
  • Choose and read the corresponding article for your age group from the list below:

Scenario: As the main caregiver in an early learning center, you have been contacted by a family who would like to interview you before they decide whether or not your learning environment is the right fit for their child. To help you prepare for the interview, your director has given you a sample interview questionnaire to complete as practice before meeting with the family.

For your initial post,

  • Demonstrate your child development knowledge by answering each of the questions in the Is this Learning Environment Right for Us?Preview the document sample interview questionnaire.
  • Copy and paste both the questions and your answers into the discussion forum and any other points you would like to include.

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