Deliverable 4 – methods for marketing, recruiting, leading, and human

The country I have chosen is India. Please be thorough and detailed. Please use the grading rubric attached. There are two different files, each for the same grading rubric.


Case Study

Read the above case study and prepare the necessary documents as explained below.

Use the following website as a starting point for research on this project:

The World Factbook link:

In addition, you may likely need to do some additional research to help complete this project.

Please choose India as the country.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory International (RMCF) has hired your consulting firm to outline The Marketing Mix by product mix and product categories for the introduction of RMCF products into a new country/region of your choice. In addition, in preparation for entering the new market set forth a recruiting campaign in order to get personnel in place. Coupled with the recruiting campaign will be determining the scope of Human Resource Management in leading, training and development, and compensation. Read the above case study and any additional research needed to create your analysis. In your analysis, be sure to include the following:

  1. Introduction to your findings.
  2. Identify The Marketing Mix by product mix, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, creams, caramels, nougats, nuts and product categories, chocolates, fudge, and novelties for entry into the country/region.
  3. Develop policies and procedures for recruiting managers for foreign assignment.
  4. Examine ways to provide diversity training as a leadership development opportunity, a training and development program, a program on how to appraise performances, and provide compensation and benefits information to all employees of RMCF and their franchisees.
  5. Based on your findings, prepare a report to the Vice President of Marketing and the Vice President of Human Resources of RMCF.
  6. Conclusion of your findings.

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