5) was the project schedule status provided? what needs to be done to

I want you to write 2 evaluations report one page of each teamfirst evaluation report for SchneiderElectricand the other one for Scholastic

Each team is assigned two other teams for which to provide a 1 page presentation evaluation/feedback report. The quality of your report (defined by the accuracy and usefulness of the assessment) will be the basis for your grade.

Your report should address the following questions:

1) Was the project context clearly described and illustrated?

2) Are the objectives of the project and associated performance measures well define?

3) Is a quantitative IE analysis being conducted? Has the appropriate data been collected?

4) Are preliminary results and recommendations based on the analysis presented?

5) Was the project schedule status provided? What needs to be done to ensure successful project completion?

this is an example of what other team wrote about Schneider

just take an idea of what do I want 

The Schneider team is in a good position moving forward. The problem context was clearly outlined in the presentation. The problem given for the team was the little train that carries materials throughout the plant was running in an inefficient manner. The objective for the team is to improve this efficiency. The team’s strategy for tackling this issue is to evaluate the allocation of labor and evaluate cycle times in the plant for different work processes. Moving forward, the team clearly has done an IE analysis and it was displayed. The team has used simulation to evaluate the little train’s current routes within the plant. The team has confirmed the distribution breakdown of trains and cost savings for labor cuts as well. The team will also be using simulation in the coming weeks to show potential improvement on their proposed solution(s). Their current performance measures were clearly defined, and they have obtained data at this point to achieve their objectives. The team pictured their schedule and progress as well. A positive note to point out about the schedule is that progress towards each goal was listed along with dates. Not all teams did this, but it is important for executive leadership to understand where the project lies. For constructive purposes, it was noted that the team did not spell out numbers and dollars during certain slides presenting information. It is professional to spell these things out when dealing with leadership. Other than this, the team seems to have a solid grip on the project, and it is suspected that the team will have no issues completing their assigned work.

these are the slides for SchneiderElectric

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