2 db questions | Management homework help

I need 2 Discussion board post 

The first discussion is: Conflict and Negotiation.

The second discussion is: Organizational change and Stress Management

I also need the article that you used attached as well.

Find one online or published article from within the last two years 2020 – 2021, that adds in some way to the discussion in one of this week’s assigned chapters from Robbins and Judge or Northouse. The library database (again, preferred) is your most reliable source, but Google Scholar and Google are also useful places to search for current articles. You should upload a PDF of the main initial posting article that you will be discussing (not the article(s) in your replies to peers), along with a discussion of why the article is relevant for the chapter, how it extends one of the concepts in a chapter, and what you found interesting about the article.  

Thank you

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